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 Wings Requirements and Locations

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PostSubject: Wings Requirements and Locations   Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:32 am

Npc: Icarus
Loc: prontera 88 209

Icarus Wings:

1x White Butterfly Wings
1x Black Butterfly Wings
1x Angel Wings
1x Devil Wings
100x Orange Dyestuff
200x Red Gemstone
200x Yellow Gemstone
100x Gold
100.000.000 Zeny

Npc: Wings Collector
Loc: prontera 97 109

White Butterfly Wings:

100x Giant Butterfly Wing
50x Cyfar
20x Soft Feather
10x White Dyestuff
5x Rough Wind
1x Necklace of Wisdom
1x Angeling Card
50x Gold

Black Butterfly Wings:

100x Giant Butterfly Wing
75x Moth Wings
50x Cyfar
10x Black Dyestuffs
5x Rough Wind
1x Necklace of Oblivion
1x Deviling Card
50x Gold

Angel Wings:

20x False Angel Wing
20x Soft Feather
30x Feather of Birds
25x Flame Heart
10.000.000 Zeny

Devil Wings:

100x Little Evil Horn
20x Dragon Scale
20x Evil Horn
20x Little Evil Wing
20x Wing of Dragonfly
10.000.000 Zeny

Fallen Wings:

5x Frozen Rose
5x Harpy Feather
25x Pecopeco Feather
25x Cloud Crumb
10.000.000 zeny

Angeling Wings:

50x Moth Wings
35x Sharp Leaf
50x Snail Shell
10.000.000 zeny

Npc: Valkyrie Crafter
Loc: gonryun 38 23

You need this items to make the wings:

10x Ruby
10x Sapphire
10x Topaz
10x Opal
10x Emerald
10x Amethyst
10x Aquamarine

Arctic Wings:

1x Angel Wings
25x Mystic Frozen
10x Frozen Rose
50x Ice Cubic
100x Gold

Demon Wings:

1x Devil Wings
100x Dragon Scale
100x Evil Horn
100x Tiger's Footskin
100x Gold

Phoenix Wings:

1x Fallen Wings
80x Flame Heart
80x Shining Scale
80x Wing Of Red Bat
10x Rough Wind
100x Gold

Gargoyle Wings:

1x Devil Wings
100x Bat Cage
100x Softh Feather
100x Stone Fragment
100x Gold

Torn Wings:

1x Angeling Wings
100x Pecopeco Feather
150x Powder Of Butterfly
100x Wind Of Verdure
100x Gold

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Wings Requirements and Locations
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