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 COMMANDS for darkro

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PostSubject: COMMANDS for darkro   Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:03 am

here are some useful commands in DarkRO

@warp map - warps you to a random location on the map you like
@go # or town - warp you to the town you like
@pk - turn pk on and off
@autoloot 0 - autoloot off
@autoloot 100 - loots everything
@autoloot 50 - loots 50% and so on
@autolootitem itemname - loots certain items only
@ss item - shop search. it search the item u want on vend
@ii item - item information
@whodrops item - gives info on what monster drops the item
@dance 200 5 - go to comodo and use this...ITS FUN!!!!!

guess that's about it...feel free to add some more.
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COMMANDS for darkro
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